Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled MaintenanceReliable and regular upkeep is the secret to keeping your vehicle running smoothly for longer, and at Accurate Auto, we are devoted to delivering superior scheduled maintenance in Wilsonville, OR. Our team of dedicated and experienced technicians works tirelessly to ensure your car stays reliable, safe, and efficient at all times.

Benefit from Regular Oil and Filter Changes

Scheduled maintenance should always include regular oil and filter changes. Fresh oil keeps your engine parts well-lubricated and reduces wear and tear, while a clean filter eliminates harmful particles from your engine oil. Let our skilled team ensure your car’s engine continues to deliver optimal performance.

Rely on Comprehensive Fluid Checks and Top-ups

From brake fluid and transmission fluid to coolant and power steering fluid, maintaining appropriate fluid levels is vital for your vehicle’s optimal functioning. We meticulously check these levels and top up as necessary, ensuring your car operates smoothly under varying driving conditions.

Opt for Regular Brake and Tire Inspections

Your vehicle’s safety heavily relies on the state of your brakes and tires. Our scheduled maintenance in Wilsonville, OR, includes regular inspections of these key components. We check for worn brake pads, rotors, and tire treads and offer professional recommendations for replacements when necessary.

Trust Periodic Belt and Hose Checks

Rubber components like belts and hoses can degrade over time, leading to potential breakdowns. As part of our comprehensive scheduled maintenance, we examine these crucial parts for any signs of wear or damage and replace them as required, helping to prevent any unexpected and costly repairs.

Assured Battery Tests and Replacements

A dependable vehicle demands a reliable battery. We provide routine battery tests to ensure it holds a charge adequately and, if needed, recommend replacements. Never worry about getting stranded due to a dead battery with our attentive care.

Scheduled Maintenance Near Me

Accurate Auto is committed to delivering quality, dependable, scheduled maintenance in Wilsonville, OR. We believe in proactive care for your vehicle, focusing on preventing issues before they become serious. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, customer-first approach, and ability to ensure your vehicle always operates at its best. Leave your car maintenance worries to us, and enjoy peace of mind on the road.


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